Congratulations to the MATS 2011 Awards Recipients


Bryan Baines (Your Right) - High School Athletic Trainer of the Year


Holly Kasavana (Your Left) - Distinguish Service Award





Doctoral Scholarship

Lindsey Klykken from University of Michigan


Memorial Scholarship

Linda Weber Daniel  


GLATA Living Pinky Newell Undergraduate Scholarship

Alison Reddick from Grand Valley State University 


NATA Foundation Scholarship from Johnson & Johnson

Emilee Anderson from Hope College


Bobby Gunn Scholarship - GLATA

Alison Reddick from Grand Valley State University

(Left to Right: Alison Reddick, Holly Kasavana, Emilee Anderson, and Bryan Baines) 


Congratulations to the 2011 GLATA Awards Recipients


Athletic Training Service Award

Michael Barnish

Gregory Gaa

Carol Humble

Oscar Krieger

Don Nielsen

Paul Plummer

Kathy Powell

Dan Stephens

Craig Voll


Gail Weldon Award

Sally Nogle


Hall of Fame Award

Larry Leverenz


Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award

Mike "Sulley" Sullivan

William Walker



Athletic Training  General Licensing Rules



BOC Standards of Professional Practice



Visiting Athletic Trainer Rule
Please read the copy of Senate Bill 263, which grants a visiting athletic trainer who is either BOC Certified, or licensed as an athletic trainer in another state, the right to temporarily practice as an athletic trainer for 30 days in the State of Michigan. The bold typed portion of Subsection 4 of Section 17902 was the addition to the existing legislation.
This bill was passed in the Michigan House on April 29th, 2011 and now goes to Governor Snyder for his signature. We expect this final step to occur within the next several weeks.
Senate Bill 263 was not introduced nor sponsored by MATS, but instead by representatives of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions. However, the MATS Executive Board, the Governmental Affairs Committee, and our legislative lobbyist became involved at several points to make sure the proposed bill would not affect our current AT legislation, and assisted in crafting the final language.
Kirk Brumels, PhD, AT, ATC
President, Michigan Athletic Trainer's Society



Michigan State Univeresity High School

Athletic Training Student Workshop


June 27 - June 30, 2011 (More Info)


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