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Information Regarding ATC Licensure In Michigan

Draft of the AT Practice Rules, May 1, 2009

Michigan Department of Community Health Board of Athletic Training

On March 9th, 2006 Governor Jennifer Granholm signed HB 4893 into law, creating Public Act 54 2006, the licensure of certified athletic trainers in Michigan.

Information on this page will continue to expand as we progress throughout the journey of assembling a state athletic training board and the promulgation of rules for the practice of athletic training in Michigan.


Webcast: Preparing for Licensure of Athletic Trainers in Michigan
March 24, 2009
Central Michigan University
Ann Berry, ATC
Michigan State Board of Athletic Training Chair


Update on Licensure Process
December 1, 2008

The Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society (MATS) Board and Council members have been attending and monitoring the process of finalizing licensure in the state. At the last Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) Licensing Board meeting in October, the board and department completed a draft of the rules governing the practice of athletic training. Some examples of items discussed and drafted this past year include the educational requirements of athletic trainers and how to proceed with athletic trainers that do not currently possess certification through the Board of Certification, Inc.

The next step for the MDCH is to post the draft of the rules for public review. The MDCH estimates that the draft will be posted in January 2009. Also, the MDCH will be scheduling a public hearing as part of the rule promulgation process. The public hearing will be the time for the MDCH to review any comments regarding the rules. It is anticipated to be scheduled in the spring 2009.

The MDCH AT Licensing Board meetings are scheduled quarterly on Fridays beginning at 10 a.m. in the Ottawa Building Room 2 in Lansing Michigan. The following are a list of date for the 2009 meetings:
- January 9
- April 3
- July 10
- October 9

For more information regarding AT licensure in the state of Michigan, please go to http://www.michigan.gov/mdch/0,1607,7-132-27417_27529_45355---,00.html. MATS is making every effort to work with the MDCH in order to disseminate information to MATS members and ATC professionals in the state of Michigan.

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