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Now is the time to submit your name for nomination for the two positions within the Michigan Athletic Trainers Society of President Elect and Treasurer.

If interested, please contact Jeff Monroe at for questions or your plans to run.

The deadline to submit nominations is August 30, 2006.

The duties of the two positions are as follows:

Elected by majority popular vote of the MATS certified, and certified retired membership to provide all the functions as described in the MATS By-Laws. Effective in 1994, candidates for the office of President - Elect must have previously served on the Executive Council.
1.0 Seek nominations for Executive Board positions in election years.
1.1 Complete ballot with nominations
1.2 Generate ballot to be mailed two weeks following March General Business Meeting
1.3 Summarize ballot by five weeks after Meeting by ( ).
1.4 Notify successful and unsuccessful candidates (phone and writing).
2.0 Submit agenda items to the President.
3.0 Complete special projects as requested by the President.
4.0 Co-Chair Governmental Affair Committee
5.0 Oversee Public Relations, ( )
6.0 Other duties as assigned by the President.

President Elect becomes President and then has the following duties:

1.0 Official representative of MATS to the public.
2.0 Fiscal responsibility and final approval of MATS expenditures.
3.0 Seek input to critical agenda items.
4.0 Insure all committee chairs are held accountable
5.0 Preside over General Educational Meeting.
6.0 Preside over District Informational Meeting.
7.0 Preside over Executive Council Meetings.
8.0 Appoint all chairperson to Executive Council with approval of Executive Council.
9.0 Other responsibilities he/she deems necessary.

Elected by majority popular vote of the MATS certified, and certified retired membership to provide all the functions as described in the MATS By-Laws. Duties :

1.1 Submit financial reports to newsletter editor for publication as needed.
1.2 Manage the MATS finances.
1.3 Handle all financial transactions of the MATS.
1.5 Become bonded through a bond fidelity program for treasury security and honesty purposes.
1.6 Correspond with accountant, concerning filing the tax exempt status forms with the IRS, attend any accountant workshops required by NATA which involve MATS matters.
1.7 Inventories and secures insurance coverage for all MATS owned equipment.
1.8 Prepare financial report for both January, May Business Meetings. Prepare and take copies to all meetings. Submit the report for publication in the newsletter.
1.9 Make donations (or send flowers) to memorial funds of deceased members, as deemed appropriate by the President.
1.10 Pay all bills regarding meeting room expenses for Executive Council Meetings.
1.11 Set - up and manage the accounts for the Winter District Meeting.
1.12 Work as chairperson of the finance committee.
2.0 Direct the Finance Committee Budget request forms are sent to financial committee July 15th, final approval of budget is done at the January Executive Council Meeting.
2.1 Financial recommendations forwarded to the President by January 1st.
2.2 Send out Budget Request Forms (June 15)
2.3 Chairpersons submit budget requests to Treasurer by July 15th.
2.4 Finance Committee meets to review proposed budget (August to September)
2.5 Treasurer to receive revised budget to committee review and resubmission.
2.6 Finance Committee Finalizes budget December 15.
3.0 Other duties as assigned by the President of four years prior to actual hosting of March meeting.
8.0 Review all minutes, agenda items and financial reports prior to March Executive Council and June National Clinical Symposium Meetings.
8.1 Have revisions/questions regarding issues prior to attending meetings.
8.2 Have all motions written regarding your agenda items prior to attending meetings.
9.0 Submit names, letter of intent and resumes of individuals, within their
respective state, to possibly fill vacancies: As District IV Representatives to
Chair or serve on NATA Committees, on District
IV Subcommittees, and other openings to be appointed with Executive
Council approval.
10.0 Other Duties as assigned by District IV or MATS President

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