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MATS 2003 Educational Conference
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Jul 3, 2003, 9:15pm
By Chad D. Smith, MAE, ATC

Dr. John Powell, PhD: Neuropsychological Profiling in Head Injury Assessment

Dr. Stephen Bloom, DO: Medical Assessment of and Treatment Options for Sport Concussion

Chuck Middleton, MA, ATC, CSCS: The Great Helmet Debate

Michael Seger, ATC: Benefits of High School Data Collection and Analysis

Janet Tsang, MS, ATC: The Hiring Process

Lyndon Cronen: ATC Participation in Athletic Injury Insurance

Raymond Davis, Lawyer: Liability Issues for the Athletic Trainer

Marje Albohm, MS, ATC: Keynote Address- Reimbursement for ATC's

Ted Quick and Jon Romkema ran this year's silent auction. Great job guys!

Lunch was great! Good job Julie and Shari.

Additional speakers not pictured that MATS would like to thank:

Raymond Maleyko, ATC, ASLT-C: Low Level Laser Therapy
Kurt Kerry, PT: Gait Analysis
Glenn Cumberland(Fastech Labs): Orthotic Lecture and Lab
Chad Smith, MAE, ATC: Introduction and Need for the High School ATC

Leroy Hackley: Issues and Challenges for the High School Administrator

Paul Ballard, EdD, ATC: Introduction-How To Get Hired As An ATC

Christina Eyers, MA, ATC: Researching Athletic Training Positions

Jodi Johnson, MS, ATC: Developing a Resume and Cover Letter
Kristin Smith, ATC: Communication With Potential Employers
Toby Blosser, MS, ATC: The Art of Interviewing
Paul Ballard, EdD, ATC: Role Playing Activity for Athletic Training Students

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