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Shari D. Bartz-Smith Gets Roasted at the 2003 Educational Conference
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Jul 3, 2003, 11:03am
By Chad D. Smith, MAE, ATC

The story begins with a good game of golf. Shari, not having a partner for the day, joins three nice men including one from Michigan Orthopedic Supply (MOS). Everything was going fine until they decided to play an extra hole beyond 18.

The men tee off first and then proceed up the fairway on their cart while Shari gets ready to tee off. Shari slices the ball at the same time the men decide to cut into the edge of the fairway to watch. The ball ends up hitting Steven Allaire, from MOS, straight in the chest... and the rest is history.

Steve M. Allaire, of Michigan Orthopedic Supply, roasts Shari Bartz-Smith for hitting him with a golf ball the MSU course.

Steven presents Shari with a bullseye for better ball control.

All is good. Congrats Shari

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